We offer returns and refunds on damaged goods according to the provisions of the law. If the goods you purchased from us is damaged upon reception, you may be entitled to a refund or replacement.
Customers may be eligible for a refund provided that:
– The product is returned in its original packaging. 
-The product remains sealed and unused.
-The product must not be damaged or broken at the time of return.
-The product will be returned with the receipt issued for its purchase.

Notwithstanding other provisions of this policy, we may refuse to grant returns or refunds if:
-You received what you ordered, but simply changed your mind about the product.
-You misused or mishandled the product in such a way that caused damage to the product.
You were aware or notified of the problems with the product before making the purchase.
-You did not like your purchase or realized you had no use of it.

If you discover that the product you purchased from us is damaged during delivery:
-report the damage to us immediately upon discovery; 
-ensure that the damaged product is returned in the same condition and packaging it was when it was received;
-we will organize for the refund and/or replacement of the damaged product provided the damaged product is returned within the following period: 3 Days following your receipt of the product.

We also reserve the right to allow customers to exchange product with a similar or another product in our store in place of a refund.

We will bear all the shipping costs or other costs associated with the return of the products. 
If he product is being returned for replacement or refund, we will also bear the shipping costs and organize for the shipping, transportation and collection of the product.

Products may be returned within 3 days following your receipt of the product. Returns are to be sent to the company address – Winners highway, Lugbe, Abuja.
Refunds are issued at our discretion as we may reject, grant a refund or replace damaged products.

For inquires or comments regarding this policy, our customer service agent will always be available to attend to you via https://wa.me/08056729092?text=Good%20day%20Aunty%20Taata%20Spices%2C%20I%20would%20love%20to...

Need help?

Contact us at admin@auntytaataspices.com for questions related to refunds and returns.